Somehow it's 2017 and we aren't in a nuclear war with North Korea yet but some bloated reality show egomaniac is our president and Beyoncé has three kids all of a sudden and also Prince isn't on the planet anymore and I live in Oregon again.

Time flies whether you're having fun or not, I am here to say.

Things I would like to take some time to process include:

1) I started a company last fall in Austin called Boarding School Collective. It is where to go for all wedding-related design needs from me and my growing team of talented femmes. We do everything I used to do solo, but better now, and as a team.  If you have questions about our offerings, including invitations and envelope calligraphy, you can learn about those here. Any emails sent to about wedding work will simply receive a response from, which, incidentally, is who to email with any questions!

2) My husband and I left our lovely, warm, cactus-y, taco-y life in Austin to pursue some roots-putting-down here in my home, the Pacific Northwest.
We bought a house that is actually an absolute tire fire and are in the middle of remodeling it. If you like that kind of thing, of course I started another blog about it called Not Quite Primrose, and you can find it here. 

Someday we hope it looks like this:

But this is what we had to start from, which is why I'm not taking on much freelance design work this summer:

Instagram posts about the house are tagged as #notquiteprimrose so you can follow along if this kind of horror show is up your alley.

3.  I took a wonderful 5-week course on Children's Book Illustration in the spring online, via Make Art that Sells. We were given the choice of three provided texts to illustrate over the length of the course, and submitted assignments once per week for review. Every day we were given opportunities to experiment and explore and offer positive reinforcement or constructive criticism to the other 200 students in the class through our private Facebook group. It was intense, intimidating, informative and inspiring and affirmed a future career goal of mine.   

The rest of this summer is Boarding School heavy (working on hiring a third teammate in Austin, designing/printing/assembling/shipping five custom invitation suites, and prepping for a busy fall of weddings), finishing up and shipping out a bunch of back-ordered custom work via JRoCro, an trying to get this house in livable order. 

Wish me luck and come help us paint!