Photo: Grant Daniels

Photo: Grant Daniels

Jessica Crowell Astrella

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 J.RoCro arts + letters is the work of Jessica Crowell Astrella who creates relatable, thoughtful, and fun illustrations, as well as whimsical and approachable lettering for the people who enjoy that kind of thing. 

(Her full name was Jessica Rose Crowell, which is where "J.RoCro" comes from - but she got married and blindly fell into the trap of the patriarchy and changed her name and chaos now reigns in the branding department of her life. It's fine, she's working through it.)

She uses gouache, calligraphy ink, pencils + pens and loves sourcing high-quality papers and materials to create richly layered textures and prefers to infuse most everything with a sense of good humor.

She's lived in New York. She was living in Austin, TX (where she got so busy with wedding work that she started a new brand specifically for day-of signage and wedding paper called Boarding School Collective! Please inquire over there or at for those items). But now she's right back where she started, in Portland, Oregon with her family.

She is not currently represented, but is building up a pitchable portfolio of work in hopes that she finds an agent partner by the end of 2018. 

Oh, and she and her darling husband have a super cute puppy named Mozzarella Astrella that you can only see pictures of on Instagram at:

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