Event Calligraphy for David Yurman

Sometimes something is so magical it takes a year to really process it.
Sometimes, you might just be lazy and/or poor at blogging. 

This is kind of both?

Last spring, Kristara Calligraphy reached out and asked if I'd be interested in traveling to a few different cities to help her cover a number of events at which she'd been hired to provide live calligraphy services. The client was David Yurman and they were debuting their new Continuance line of delicate, gold and silver looping jewelry. 

Despite messy timing with a cross-country move in the same month as the first city, I obviously leapt at the chance. I was so honored that Kristara trusted me with her business, and thought that I was a peer enough of hers to take on some of the dates, so despite being a little nervous, I agreed to travel to Sacramento, Dallas, San Francisco, and Chicago in March and April. 

It was career-affirming, fun, weird work.  I can't tell you how many lovely strangers would ask me, "you... got... paid for this? What an amazing job."

I agree. 

Because of my background in high-touch retail, I felt right at home in both the DY boutiques, as well as the department stores (including my old stomping grounds, Nordstrom!) and just got to sit at a little branded table and personalize custom David Yurman edition Moleskine journals as a gift-with-purchase for customers.  

The most popular and requested style was a simple continuous name in lowercase gold script across the length of the journal- though I got a few requests for monograms and little sayings, too.  It did take a few minutes each event to get used to having people watch me work - but it quickly became one of the best parts of the job for me because the clientèle got such a kick out of it. It's fun to watch people do what they were born to do.

And if I was born to walk this good earth in high heels and calligraph luxury journals, then so be it.  Such a career highlight for me and a great excuse to spend a few nights away in a nice hotel by myself, too! 

Grateful to both Kristara Calligraphy and David Yurman for the opportunity and hope it's not the last.