The Best Thing

A few years ago my friend Jeff was asked to sing at his cousin's wedding.  It was up to him to choose the song and he was feeling a little stuck.  We were driving up to Whidbey Island for a long weekend and brainstorming songs, pulling up potential contenders on our iPods to test them out, and it hit me.

"What about 'You Are the Best Thing' by Ray LaMontagne?"  

We put it on, Jeff belted it out perfectly, and he called his cousin right away, who okayed the choice.

I am told the song went over beautifully at the ceremony and since then, I have heard it as many a couple's choice for their first dance.  It's a special one for me and my honey, too.  

So this spring when I was commissioned by a friend to do an anniversary gift for his wife, I was delighted when he suggested the lyrics to this song (as it was their first dance, too!)  

Below is the personalized original art I did for him, in their wedding colors.  I've redone the color treatments on the other 3, which are now for sale in my shop.

Tell someone they're the best thing that ever happened to you today!