Bridesmaid Gifts - Customized Mugs

Let's be honest.  Coffee, or tea, tastes better in a good mug.  It's got to fit in your hands just right, and hold plenty of the good stuff, and of course it's the most special if it also holds a good story.

A sorority sister contacted me a while back to see if I could help with her bridesmaid gifts with the idea that I could make a customized mug for each one.

Having been in my share of weddings and received all kinds of bridesmaid gifts, I couldn't believe how simple and thoughtful and great this was.  I never would have thought of this, myself, which just goes to show how important it is to collaborate in this line of work.

I requested that she provide me with each woman's name and a few notes about them, sent her initial sketches for approval, and then got down to business on all ten mugs.
Working on each one was so much fun for me, especially for the girls I know personally.  

The bride is a self-professed tea and coffee junkie who is very picky about her mugs (girl, I hear you.  In our email exchanges setting up the project, I admitted to actually having stolen a mug from a well known coffee retailer who wouldn't sell me their (PERFECT) in-house mugs) so we had a good time picking them out.  I hope the ladies who received them will be cupping them to their chests on cold days, or sharing stories over coffee on porches with them for years to come, all while remembering the wedding celebration of which they were an important part.