West Elm - A Wedding Registry Event

My crush on West Elm started before I could afford it. I was in that post-college wasteland of decorating my apartment with whatever my roommate and I could get our hands on. It wasn't that I didn't *like* Ikea anymore (for the record: still do. Love it, in fact), more that I felt I was supposed to have outgrown it.  But spending upwards of $1,000 on a couch seemed ludicrous, so we compromised and just used stuff from our parents' garages and when the West Elm catalogue came in the mail we'd toss it onto our Ikea end table with a wistful sigh.

The crush escalated to flirtation when I moved into my third New York apartment and my tastes, budget, and luck finally aligned: our big bright airy gem of an apartment bordered the Dumbo neighborhood, where the flagship West Elm is located nestled amidst the cobblestoned streets, adjacent to industrial warehouses. I bought throw pillows, a tray, bowls and picture frames and blankets. Plus, we were the lucky recipients of a West Elm Market around the corner, so I started to bring home soaps, candles, dishtowels, tiny potted plants, and barware.  Our place smelled amazing, you guys.

Now that we live in Austin, and my part-time job is right across the street from the West Elm, it's basically turned into a full blown love affair. We bought a living room chair there (first West Elm furniture purchase: achievement UNLOCKED!) and then when the time came to register for our wedding, I was thrilled that West Elm had recently joined the land of bridal insanity by offering a registry for the first time. It's new, and still a little glitchy, but has basically allowed me to begin curating the home of my dreams - husband mostly indifferent to this development.  

This is all to say that when I heard about an opportunity to be part of an in-store event there to celebrate the official introduction of West Elm wedding registry services, I jumped at the chance. Like I've mentioned before, Austin is developing a fabulously collaborative community of creatives with whom I truly love to work, and this event was no exception!

Curated and styled by the women of Earth + Orb, and featuring the local talents of F2 Floral Design, Michelle's Patisserie, Loot Vintage Rentals, Firehouse Libations, Laura Morsman Photography, Oh Happy Day! Luxury Photo Booths, The Glamping Group, Wool and Weave, Sweetwater Florals, 3 of Cups, Katie J Photography, Ash Renee Photography, AND Peached Tortilla (phew!) we turned West Elm into a mini-wedding expo for local brides and grooms. 
Oh, and I was there, too:

It was a great kick to get me moving towards creating evergreen product, and to get some samples presentable in a pretty way. Plus, talking about yourself and your business in person to customers and fellow collaborators when you mostly work from home in pajamas is a great exercise.  I also had a very handsome assistant + business manager to help me out (thanks, M!).

The cards created for the event are now for sale in my shop - a line of cards for brides-to-be including "Will you be my bridesmaid?" cards and notes to give your parents and your future spouse on your wedding day.  

Thanks, West Elm! See you in five minutes when I come back for that Spiked Cider candle!

Wedding Inspiration: A Styled Shoot with Birch & Brass (and me?) for Free People

I've been working really crazy hours the last few weeks. I took on more projects than I should have because they all sounded fun, and a whirlwind wedding-planning trip to Portland, and am still working at Paper Source 30 hours a week. 

But, fun fact: did you know that there are 24 hours in a day? Turns out they are all equally useable!

All joking aside, in the last month alone I've been lucky enough to work on custom illustrated wedding table cards (with these adorable little beachy motifs that I can't wait to share), TWO full wedding invitation suites, hundreds of calligraphied envelopes, custom paintings, a full set of wedding paper goods (place cards, menus, and programs), the last mugs (ever, I hope. If I never have to ship ceramic again it will be too soon) AND my own wedding invitation suite.

But of course when Brittany Pigorini* of Birch & Brass Vintage Rentals reached out to me and said she'd been asked to do an editorial shoot for Bldg 25, the inspiration and lifestyle blog of bohemian behemoth Free People, and would I want to contribute and would I have time to do it, how could I have said anything other than what I did?

Which was "Uhhhhh, yes. Absolutely."

*I should mention that Brittany Pigorini is a Cool Girl. Not like, "oh hey, that girl seems chill" but more like, "Damn. That girl is cool. I am afraid to talk to her."  She owns her own vintage rentals company, looks like the spitting image of young Sandra Bullock, can often be seen with her adorable husband and equally adorable bulldog, and does events regularly for a hotel that I got politely asked to leave during SXSW because, and I kid you not, I wasn't cool enough to be there. 

So yeah. When she asked if I wanted to contribute to this shoot, I was like, WHAT IS SLEEP WHO NEEDS IT LET'S DO THIS. 

And things have been so nutty since then that I honestly kind of forgot about it or figured my pieces wouldn't make the final cut and that it was just fun to have worked with her on it. 

But I happened to remember to check out Bldg 25 today and lo and behold, there it all was!

It's sun-soaked and strawberry summery and bright and happy and natural and cheerful and bountiful and relaxed while still feeling intentional. Brittany did a beautiful job, looks great in the photos, and made my stuff look good too.

A snippet from the post:
"As the launch of FP Ever After (Free People’s first-ever bridal collection) drew closer, I knew that Brittany would be the perfect person to turn to for some countryside wedding inspiration, and she did not let us down.

Countryside weddings are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why: A sunlit field, a rustic barn, maybe even a chicken or two… the entire scene is one that exudes romance and simplicity, an escape for the couple and their guests, a day to focus on love and beauty without distraction. For a simple farm-set ceremony, choose bold pops of color to contrast with rustic and antique furniture, silver flatware plays against the wildness of farm-fresh flowers, and a spread of artisnal cheeses, olives, and other delicacies hint at an elevated picnic-inspired meal. Allow Brittany’s gorgeous photos — all shot on film, mind you — inspire you, below..."
Link to the full spread here, but here are the shots featuring my watercolor inspired brush lettering on baguette bags: