Marriage Material: Custom Wedding Invitations

This project meant so much to me. It was only my second full wedding invitation suite, but the first one where every piece was designed by yours truly, from 100% hand-drawn, painted, or written originals. From the script on the invitations themselves, to the custom floral liners, to the address stamp - all from my hand, to the digital workspace, to print (in this case, letterpress! Done by the lovely Studio Slomo here in Austin).

A specific and super-chic, elegant, vision from my clients (who also happen to be a dear darling friends, sue me) formed this from nothing into something - and I truly think they're something. I appreciate the trust and confidence they placed in me and am so grateful for it.

When you care so much about a client, the project is nerve-wracking to work on, twice as such to put them in a box and send them across the pond - and as nerve-wracking as that was, translate it to currency and double *that* for how expensive it was! (A lesson learned: I do not think I will be shipping invitation orders internationally anymore). I felt badly for not having anticipated that, but every day I'm learning. Also learned some lessons about the Pantone Color Matching System on Coated paper and if I were able to do it over again, would have asked for another round of revisions with the print shop on the liners to get a softer pink. We were on a tight timeline, though, and didn't have time for another round. 

Jess + Joe have been kind enough to let me share these, so, cheers to them and their lifetime ahead of happiness, health, and paying stupidly high taxes to retrieve things from customs (as long as they live in the UK, anyway).