Wedding Cards - A Testimonial

On the morning of my wedding, I was totally prepared to take everyone's advice to just kick back, relax, and enjoy the day. I truly thought I would wake up, get my hair and makeup done, drink a few glasses of champagne and leisurely approach the walk down the aisle without any complications. That's what the months of planning were for, right? That's why we chose a venue the whole wedding party would stay at together - we'd all wake up to breakfast and no one would have to get stuck in traffic, and we'd all be right there and it would be eaaaasy. 

It sounds great, six months ahead of time, to not have your wedding planner show up til noon. In theory, it sounds great not to see your husband before your "first look." Dream scenario - your poor mother doesn't come down with a sinus infection two days before your wedding.  But weddings occur in real life, in this very real dimension, on this planet, so of course, there are complications, and hungry pregnant bridesmaids, and rain, and sick moms, and oh, did we forget to order lunch and did no one bring champagne and HOLY CRAP HOW IS IT ALREADY 11:30 IN THE MORNING AND AH! HIDE YOUR FACE YOUR FIANCE IS COMING UP THE STAIRS. 

It was hectic. I was tightly wound up and having a hard time enjoying myself.  But I remembered that I'd brought some cards with me I hadn't had time to write yet, so I made the conscious decision to step outside on the porch with a cold cup of coffee, by myself, with a pen and two cards: one for my mom, and one for my dad. I know my wedding day was about me and my now-husband, but to me it was always going to be about family, too - especially given the amazing example of marriage set by my own 34-years-married parents. (Ideally, I would have bought these adorable, custom embroidered handkerchiefs I'd seen on Etsy weeks earlier, but, let's be real -I ran out of time and a few cards is a lot easier on the ol' wedding-cleaned-out-bank-account than some gorgeous, impractical linens).

So I spent twenty or thirty minutes out there alone in my robe, with my hair and makeup set, just taking a few minutes to jot a note to my parents to tell them how thankful I am for them, their relationship, and their contribution not only to my wedding day, but inevitably, to the fabric of my own marriage. Eventually, that glass of champagne arrived in my hand, and my coordinator arrived right on time, and my trooper of a mom got there in time to get her hair done, too.

It was really nice. I think they liked the cards, but, more than anything, it was an essential component of enjoying my own wedding day. Once I was finished, I went inside to rejoin my bridal party and felt lighter, centered, and ready to celebrate with everyone.

And then! One of the groomsmen brought me a gift from M. I was elated. Not because it was a gift, but because this man, who'd been just as busy as I all week, had taken the time to think about a gift, go purchase it, and write me a lovely card to boot. Not having been able to see him all morning, it was the perfect way to feel connected with him during the wedding day frenzy and meant as much to me as any other part of our wedding.  (I am going to be honest and say I totally did *not* get him a card. I did get him all the details for a lovely wedding day though, so I don't feel that badly about it now.)

So knowing how important those three cards were to my wedding day, I decided to design a few myself, in hopes that future brides can feel the same love, gratitude, and connection on their own busy, crazy, beautiful wedding days and bring the focus back to what the wedding is all about.