Wedding: Agates + Gems + Copper

I finally had the pleasure of getting to work with Bird Dog Wedding on Julie + Brent's wedding, first by addressing the couple's fantastic wedding invitations (which the groom designed himself and were produced here locally by Vertallee).  Hot pink ink was requested for the calligraphy, and I mean *hot* - we're talking pop off the page neon.  Ink is tough to find with that kind of opacity, and a few art stores were intent on directing me to the wrong things, but I got it right after a few tries. 
The results (as displayed in these kind of terrible pictures) were worth it!

To get me further out of my comfort zone, not one of the wedding-day signage or lettering needs would be done on paper. This was both scary and exceptionally fun. I was initially concerned about having and obtaining the right tools for the job, but, instinct prevailed and it all went smoothly.

We did placecards and dessert markers on polished agate slices. Table numbers on enormous hunks of polished agate. Signage on beautiful wooden planks, hand sanded and stained by the groom (again, what a guy!) - and their menu on an old window. Paper is officially out once we start writing on windows, y'all. 

I don't have a ton of great photos but here's a peek at some of the bright, beautiful vision brought to life by this team of creative, organized, resourceful individuals. I wanted to crash this wedding (but I didn't).